By John Millea

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After I had another brief chat today with Janet Swiecichowski, the Minnetonka school district's director of communications, we know just a little bit more about this situation. She said John Hedstrom's administrative leave is "for an undefined period." That would seem to imply that termination is in the works, but she said reporting that as fact "wouldn't be the most responsible reporting in the world."

I'm guessing that at some point, lawyers may be taking over as spokespeople on both sides of this.

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This is a tight-lipped situation, but Minnetonka High School athletic director and boys' basketball coach John Hedstrom has been suspended by the school district, and there are unconfirmed reports that he has been permanently relieved of both of his jobs. Hedstrom, the Skippers coach for 16 years, won Class 4A state titles in 1998 and 2008 and his team was the 4A runner-up in 1999.

I spoke to Hedstrom briefy a few minutes ago. He said, "I don't have any comment." He also declined to comment when I asked him if he would be returning to the Minnetonka school district. He referred all questions to the district office.

Janet Swiecichowski, the school district's director of communications, told me simply, “I can confirm that John Hedstrom is on administrative leave.” No other details have been forthcoming from the district, but sources have filled in some of the gaps in the story. 

There apparently is no smoking gun, no single incident that sparked the suspension and possible dismissal. Rumors have been flying -- and I have heard a wide range of rumors -- but at this point it appears that this decision was based on job performance. This would suggest that an employee in this type of situation had been issued numerous warnings about performance and the plug was finally pulled. 

Hedstrom was on hand when the Skippers boys' basketball team played Minnesota Transitions on Tuesday night at Minnetonka. He was absent for a game Thursday night at Rosemount. The team is 7-5 this season.

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