This is the full statement from the Minnesota Council of Health Plans on David Feinwachs:

"Because Mr. Feinwachs is suing the MCHP for defamation, the MCHP declines to offer any comments about him.

"However, regarding the broader picture of the health care debate taking place in our state, Minnesota's health plans support the state in its effort to modernize how it purchases health care for low income residents. The health plans are working with the legislature and Gov. Dayton's administration to ensure they have the facts they need to make sound decisions. For the past 25 years health plans have provided members with access to quality health care while delivering to the state reliability and predictability in its budget. We continue to welcome an independent analysis that will demonstrate the value health plans bring to Minnesota and individuals served by public health care programs.

"The health plans agree that information on the entire health care system, including health plans, hospitals and providers of care, needs to be easier to access and understand. We are already on record supporting these efforts."

-- Eileen Smith, spokesperson, Minnesota Council of Health Plans