A 30-year-old man was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of stalking a female Minneapolis police officer, after authorities said he hounded her at the gym and at work, and later moved in down the street from her house. Last year alone, they said, the man called the police department at least 200 times, even though "he is not a victim of any crimes in the city of Minneapolis."

The officer, whose identity wasn’t disclosed in a search warrant application filed last in Hennepin County district court Monday, had a restraining order against the man, who was arrested in his car on Feb. 10. The Star Tribune generally does not name suspects who haven't been charged.

The victim told investigators that the harassment began in 2009 when the man, whom she had known since high school, started making unwanted advances to her at a gym in Savage, police said. The harassment continued even after she switched gyms and later cancelled her membership, police said.

The man moved into a house a block away from where the officer lived in 2014 and “regularly drives or walks by her house,” authorities said.

For months, the woman told authorities, she kept her blinds drawn and was afraid to venture outside her home.

Last March, police said, she filed for a restraining order against him after he sent unsolicited emails that were “apologetic in nature.”

The warrant application sought to search the man's car for "paperwork involving (the victim), any other Minneapolis Police (sic) officers, and items that could be related to stalking."