The transfer of motor-vehicle titles and tab purchase is a classic example where private enterprise needs to be allowed to flourish. Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services often operates contrary to its customers' needs for efficient and timely service. The branch offices often close early, even if demand is high

Tell me where on Earth a business would close its doors early because it has too many customers? Every other business in that situation would find ways to stay open at least past its posted hours, if not later. How about title transfers?

Right now, the processing time for vehicle title transfers is 12 to 14 weeks, but if you pay an extra $20 it can be done in three days. In other words, even though you have paid your fee, your title is held up for an extended period of time unless a "premium" also is paid.

Could you imagine ever telling your boss that you can get the task at hand done in three months, but if paid an extra $20 spot, it can be done this week? I'd be fired for sure. Why is the government in the automotive title renewal business?

It's completely an administrative function that can be done better, faster and cheaper by private enterprise. This isn't a partisan issue, either; it favors those who have an extra $20 to throw around.