Although I understand the point Gov. Tim Pawlenty was trying to make on "The Daily Show" about how technology may change the delivery of education in the future, I take issue with the example he used ("Pawlenty plays to youth on 'Daily Show,'" June 11). The governor argued that in 20 years no one will be willing to "drive to the University of Minnesota, haul their keister across campus and listen to some boring person drone on." As a junior at the U, I am not only happy to "haul my keister across campus" on a daily basis, I consider it a privilege. Rather than "listen to some boring person drone on," my experience has been that classes are taught by bright faculty members who stimulate and challenge our thinking, bring their own experiences to the classroom, and genuinely care about their students. While "iCollege" may have a place in the future, I hope that 20 years from now, the university will continue to have tens of thousands of motivated young people who are willing to take their backpacks, walk across campus and sit in a classroom to get the rich educational experience that only a classroom setting can offer.