Michael Gerson (“On climate change, the politics are bitterly frozen,” Oct. 14) seems to be writing for the Koch Brothers Syndicate, spreading cynicism with such comments as “We could leave most of the vast reserves of fossil fuels in the ground — a political and economic impossibility …”

No, not an impossibility. It’s a necessity, and it’s going to happen, because the 99 percent are going to make it happen. Indeed, on Oct. 22 the Minnesota Department of Commerce Division of Energy Resources is sponsoring a daylong workshop (http://tinyurl.com/k4h3lzh) to kick off a statewide discussion on how Minnesota can transition to a fossil fuel-free economy. The state is already a renewable-energy leader.

Activists and entrepreneurs all over the country are chalking up victories over fossil-fuel extremists by rolling out record-breaking renewable installations, calling out the fossil industries’ failures and pricing them into the ground. And we’ve only begun to build.

TERRY W. HOKENSON, Minneapolis