Minnesota is known for musicians, such as Bob Dylan, Judy Garland and Prince. We can now add Zach Sobiech to that list (“ ‘Clouds’ songwriter dies at 18,” May 21). Sobiech passed all of the well-known musicians around the country and made it to the No. 1 spot on iTunes for downloads of his song “Clouds.”

How many people make their biggest contributions to the world after they find out they have a terminal illness? From his infectious smile, positive attitude, musical talent and fundraising for osteosarcoma, he left a bigger mark on the world in his short 18 years than many people will ever leave.

Zach chose to take the worst news and make the best of it. If we each learn a thing or two by the way he lived his life, maybe the view from our world will also be a little nicer.

JERRY T. JOHNSON, Bloomington