Is voting twice a terrible crime? (“Elderly St. Peter woman’s two votes now a felony charge,” March 8.) I’m 99, and heaven knows I could have voted three times and felt nothing amiss.

Margaret Schneider and I have a similar disorder — we forget! After nearly a century of dealing with all sorts of baboons, wouldn’t you want to forget? I say yes …

We are not felons. Why did the prosecutor choose an old lady as a prime example for those who would violate voting laws? There surely exist young people who care nothing about laws. Put them in jail. They’ll have more time to repent.

I say Minnesota has a reputation for fair dealing. Let’s adhere to our standards and consider this case a miscarriage of justice.

Ailie Jensen, mcgregor, Minn.


Editor’s note: Nicollet County Attorney Michelle Zehnder Fischer has said that the voter fraud statute does not provide her with prosecutorial discretion. Schneider’s court appearance is scheduled for April 2.