The time is right to repurpose Orchestra Hall. Planning should begin now to convert this vacant tomb into what could be an important historical site and tourist attraction, like the Roman Colosseum, the Parthenon, the Mayan cities, and other wonders where a culture once flourished.

Years from now, tourists will flock to Minneapolis to see and feel this magnificent place where musicians once played. They’ll walk down the empty aisles and stand on the wooden floor of the stage, and perhaps contemplate how geometric cubes in the ceiling once enhanced the music.

With modern technology, curators of this edifice would be able to reproduce this remarkable but vanished time. Visitors could see and hear digital recordings of the long-gone Minnesota Orchestra, hear interviews with the classical musicians, and even get copies of the orchestra scores to take home and study. Perhaps they could even view a hologram of the orchestra playing and understand a culture that has faded away.

Don Grussing, Minnetonka