I like “Readers Write” for the news and views of Minnesotans. Their attitudes vary, but they often seem dissatisfied. To all these dissatisfied writers: Please note what happened to me. I am unquestionably elderly, although I dislike that classification. I also have a sore foot that slows me down.

On a blustery cold day, I had several “must do” errands. My first stop was at a building with automatic door openers. Both as I entered and as I left, a young* person opened the door for me and held it until I passed through, probably thinking it might swing faster than I moved and would hit me in the butt. I greatly appreciated their thoughtfulness.

At the next stop, I got out of my car and began limping toward the store when a young* woman hurried up to me and offered to help me along the sidewalk. Another unexpected surprise.

The third incident was when I exited the grocery store. I was pushing my cart against a strong, bitter wind. A young* man stopped pushing his cart and offered to help push mine.

With just small actions, these people added a warm glow to my whole day. During one of Minnesota’s notorious winters, they proved that we are still the land of Minnesota Nice.

Cathy Taylor, Bloomington


* To me, anyone under the age of 70 is young.