As someone whose father lost his memory and eventually his life to Alzheimer's disease, I can only wish the best for the families of Verne Gagne and Helmut Gutmann. With this disease becoming more prevalent in recent years because of the rising population of senior citizens, it is actually surprising that this kind of occurrence is not reported more often. Alzheimer's patients (prone to violence) are often confused and frightened, and with the fear comes an increased amount of adrenaline that makes them physically much stronger than one would ever expect. The kindest and most caring man I have ever known spent much of his last months cursing and swinging at any person who came near him. What was worse, he often took it out on my mother -- the person whom he had always cared for most in the world. He knew that he was losing his mind at the onset of this disease and it was humiliating for him to ever admit that he could not remember a name. And as hard as it is for the person suffering from Alzheimer's disease, it is every bit as difficult for the family that so desperately wants to care for that person. Let's please try to do what we can to eliminate this terrible disease.