A spotlight on humanity

The Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul once again presents the weeklong Cine Latino Film Festival, offering a first look at new Spanish and Portuguese-language cinema, Friday through Nov. 17. It’s a diverse assortment: 29 films from a dozen nations, giant and small. They showcase celebrated veteran stars (like Ricardo Darin, the Argentine Alan Rickman) and promising newcomers, distant locations and almost universally wonderful soundtracks. What they have in common is vivid humanity. The opening night film, “You’ll Never Be Alone,” is a devastating Chilean drama about a brutal gay-bashing that forces an aging factory man to find money somewhere — anywhere — for his comatose son’s medical bills. It’s a clear-eyed assessment of the LGBT community’s troubled fit into the indifferent larger society. Unrated by the MPAA, its explicit sex scenes and violence would earn it at least an R. Completely different is “Truman,” a Spanish buddy tragicomedy also debuting Friday. Darin (in another superstar turn) plays a vain stage actor with terminal cancer receiving a four-day visit from an old friend hoping to say goodbye and help him get his annoyingly detailed affairs in order. It’s a challenging tonal teeter-totter, but the cast balances the hefty emotional rise and fall with gymnastic precision. (St. Anthony Main, 125 SE. Main St., Mpls.; mspfilm.org.)