Some Assembly Required

Closes Saturday: The title may be Ikea-evoking, but this MFA exhibition at the University of Minnesota ironically requires little work. Xavier Tavera’s photo/video installation “Border Landscapes” gracefully documents people living on the highly politicized U.S.-Mexico border. Nooshin Hakim Javadi’s single suspended airplane wing alludes to the #MuslimBan. Michael Johnson explores the minimalism of nature while Joe Krasean processes the exhibition process. Bianca Pettis’ bright, glorious mural-like paintings are illustrious in their own right. Alex Petersen draws hyper-realistic animals. (11 a.m.-7 p.m. Fri.-Sat., Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Center for Art, 405 21st Av. S., Mpls. 612-624-7530 or