University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler will be in Washington, D.C., today for a White House higher education summit where President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will announce that colleges nationwide have committed to helping more low-income students access higher education.

The summit also includes members of nonprofit groups, foundations, state governments, and businesses, as well as more than 100 college and university presidents.

"Together, the President, the First Lady and these leaders in higher education are taking another step to help ensure that every child, rich or poor, has the opportunity for a quality college education so they can get ahead," said a White House statement.

Their commitments fall into four general categories, the White House said:

- Connecting low-income, high-performance students with colleges that are right for them;

- Helping more low-income students become college-eligible through early intervention;

- Reducing inequality in preparations for college entrance tests like the SAT and ACT;

- Remediation to help unprepared college students catch up and graduate.

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