Disneyland guests just got the thrill of a lifetime, when a Johnny Depp ad came to life via an interactive “Alice Through the Looking Glass” billboard.

Our giant top hat is off to Depp — the man behind the Mad Hatter did an excellent job beaming in from Wonderland. At first, live communication was just a series of blinks, waves and smiles. Shortly thereafter, however, the film actor started the real back-and-forth.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked one girl.

“Ouch!” he declared, when a woman leaned up against the moving poster for a photo op.

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“May I fit you for a hat? You have a wonderful cranium,” he posed to a little girl, instructing someone to pick her up for a better view.

And when Depp fake-sneezed from wherever he was, the magical billboard blew bubbles. It was all really quite awesome.

Watch the video above.

“Alice” goes from Wonderland to movie theaters on May 27.