Lawmakers in the House gave final approval Thursday evening to a pair of bills that would limit abortion rights in Minnesota.

The bills, which both passed on an 84-48 vote, would bar state funding of abortion for poor women and prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. The House and Senate have already passed the bills, but they were resolved and must be reapproved before heading to the governor.

The Senate is expected to take action in the next several days. Gov. Mark Dayton, a supporter of abortion rights, is expected to veto both bills.

While budget bills have consumed more than six hours of debate a piece in recent days, lawmakers voted on each abortion measure after less than two minutes of discussion.

The resolved bills both strike provisions that initially sent court challenges directly to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Rep. Peggy Scott, sponsor of the taxpayer funding ban, said that was nixed because there was some "uncomfortableness" with the provision.


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