Pro soccer in Minnesota

1976-81: Minnesota Kicks, relocated from Denver, played six seasons in the North American Soccer League — forerunner of the MSL. The Kicks won division titles in each of the first four years and averaged 32,775 during the 1977 season. Played games at outdoor Met Stadium. Kicks also played two seasons in the NASL Indoor League.

1984: Minnesota Strikers played single NASL season at the Metrodome, before the league collapsed. Many of the players then became part of the Minnesota Strikers team in the Major Indoor Soccer League, playing four seasons before the franchise folded.

1994: Minnesota Thunder made the move to the USL A-league — roughly equivalent to AAA minor league baseball — after five seasons as an amateur team.

2010: Minnesota Stars FC: Formed after the Thunder folded because of financial problems in 2009. Team played in the new North American Soccer League.

2013: Minnesota United FC: Team renamed after being purchased by businessman Bill McGuire.