Have you ever gone fishing and had a wonderful day on the water? Everything was working out in your favor. The weather was just right and the fish were liking what you were tossing in front of them. And if that was not enough, you had the whole place to yourself. These are days you tell your family and friends about. You even share the joy with people you meet at the tackle shop when stopping in to pick up some necessities on your way to your next outing. All fisherman like to hear stories of success, so why not spread the joy.

When I was in the fly shop yesterday an employee and I listened to an angler tell his story. He spoke of the wonderful day he had on a trout stream in Wisconsin. His contented smile turned to a sick worried look when we told him that the trout fishing season was closed.

This is the point where I’ll inject some words of wisdom for all. Read the regulations. It’s not a good idea to assume that you’ll be within the law if you do the same thing you did last year. Regulations and fishing season dates change. This is why they are updated every year. A wise fisherman would read them cover to cover. If the places you fish and the techniques you use vary quite a bit, you’d do good to get a few copies. One for home, one for the boat, and one for the vehicle. Also check for signs at the boat launch or access points on the river. They will tell you regulations that are specific to the body of water you are on.

If your going to be trout fishing in Wisconsin, watch out for the five days that it is closed between the early catch&release season and the regular fishing season. I’ve talked to a few people who have mistakenly been on the water at this time. The chances are pretty good that the fishing will be one of those days that you tell everyone about. The chances are also good that the warden will not share in the joy when you tell him you were having a wonderful time with the fishing all to yourself.

The fisherman relaxed a little when he realized we were not going to rat him out. He did not say where he was going after picking up some flies, but I suspect it was home.

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