Stu just had his 20-year high school reunion. We all know what that means. Or do we? Take it away, Stu:


• The details: I graduated from Buffalo Lake-Hector High School, often called the Harvard of the 212 Conference. Our graduating class was 59 people. 28 grads and 18 significant others were in attendance. It was held at a popular casino in southwestern Minnesota.

• The party: my wife volunteered me to organize the reunion, which was awesome*. Fortunately, the internet makes pulling these things together much less arduous, and fellow BL-H alum Beth Christenson set up a website and really got the ball rolling on it. I cannot thank her enough, but hopefully mentioning her on a sports blog in a major metropolitan newspaper will help.

• The reunion’s Most Interesting Man: Dan Streeter. He came the farthest distance (Vermont) to be there, and he did not fly all that way just to sit down and eat. Quite simply, I’ve never seen a human being dance that much who was neither in a ballet company nor taking her clothes off for money. Fast songs, slow songs, oldies, new wave, hair metal: there was Dan, shaking what his mother gave him. (Note: his mother goes to church with my mother, and is a lovely woman.) He was the life of the party, and when I finally called it an evening, he was doing a headstand by the blackjack tables. Well done, sir. Well done.

• Sports-related content: a handful of graduates attended the PGA Championship. One fellow alum, Ladd Ginsburg, missed the reunion because he was there on Saturday. Jordan Blad is friends with former PGA player Aaron Barber and Olympic wrestler Brandon Paulson. Jeff Johnson is the course superintendent at Minikahda. Mark Leutner grew up a Baltimore Orioles fan, which I point out only because, really, who likes the [redacted] Orioles? Finally, all of us are still younger than Brett Favre.

• Sordid tales of debauchery: I wish. My friend Darren’s wife tied her scarf around my head, so when I danced to “Jessie’s Girl” I looked kind of like a doughy Jonas brother. Does that count**?

• Thanks as well to: Linda, Staci, Cindy, Chad, Brent, Pat, Paula, Pam, Angie, Chris, Heather, Doug, Lynette, Leah, Mitch, Jody, Julie, Jackie, Ryan, Angel, Kent and Carrie. Good to see all of you, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Let’s do this again in five years.

Do you have any good reunion stories, particularly those of you who had your reunion at Biscay Liquors? Share them in the comments, or just make fun of me for being old.

*It was not awesome.


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