If you read the article about the huge muskie just released on Vermillion a couple things should stick out, first off the anglers caught a great fish and released it, will we ever know exactly how big it was...no. What we can conclude is it was a great cacth and more than likely would have surpassed the current record fish by a fair amount. Congrats to both the anglers involved.

What can you learn from this event, first off that great angling opportunities exist right here thanks to the DNR with help from angling groups like Muskies Inc who help raise stocking monies not provided from state coffers. So what can you do to take advantage and have a chance at one of these bruisers.....UPSIZE !!!!!! Big baits on trophy waters are generally more likely to attract larger fish and this time of year generally don't hurt your chances at numbers as fish ramp up on food intake. Sure you will always hear about the walleye guy who gets a monster on a number 5 Rapala but by and large you will increase your odds of a large catch by using the largest baits you can cast or troll.

Lately my action has been the significantly focused on the biggest lures in my box, SuperModels, Pounders and Two Pounders (yes a bait that weighs 2 pounds), Mega Suzies, 14" Jakes and the largest  Grama lures, Believers and Suicks. This past weekend I tried a new lure called "The Intimidator" ...picture a 15" 2x4 and then carve away the wood that doesn't look like a fish.......actually not bad to throw for its size. XH action  rods up to 9-9.5' work best for these larger baits and quality reels hold up to the pounding they dish out. If you are not up to the task on casting ....troll away as  most of these lures troll great. If you elect to troll keep in mind that muskies like to follow and a follow while trolling is an unseen opportunity, give that presentation a speed change or rod rip from time to time to trigger a follower.

Big lures stick out and show fish something different, they also match what size food the bigger fish prefer so give them a try.

Confused about what these funny sounding names mean or looking for the right gear to present them with...check out Thorne Bros tackle in Fridley...........muskie experts. 

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