Wow, what an interesting  week last week turned out to be.  Seven days, 14 trips, 3 shore lunches,  8 different lakes and about 60 different anglers with as many different skill levels involved about sums it up.  Throw in the fact that the weather hasn't really been "fish friendly" lately because of the cold temps, high winds, cooler then warmer water temps, multiple there anything that didnt happen last week?  Well yes,  there was one thing that didnt happen--not one client was dissapointed with their catch!
As a fishing guide promising anything short of miracles creates stressful situations almost every day there isn't a solid fishing pattern established.  Thats what makes this time of the year the most challenging in my book.  Im not sure who started the whole "June is the best time to fish"  phrase-- but I think it should be deleted.  I will take July or August any day over June.  Oh well, it is what it is. One way to stay "in the black" is to constantly re-think the game plan throughout the fishing trip to avoid getting stuck in a non-productive rut which many anglers unknowingly do.  In other words, think of plan B and C while plan A is being used.  
    My goal when fishing so many different environments is to establish a pattern for each body of water in one hour or less (over a 4 hour trip) and then capitalize on my findings for the other 3 hours.  Some "tweeking" of the pattern will also take place during that time frame.  At times, finding a pattern  may take a little more time because of a few "false leads" that may happen during the search process, but generally a pattern will emerge.  I like to start my search for information by ignoring most of the information that is available or in other words ignore most of the fishing reports available. Figuring out the puzzle (on your own) from scratch is must easier than wrestling that constant echo of a fishing report in your head.  I hate to say it,  but the only good fishing report is your own.  The reason is because the majority of  fishing reports contain information that is outdated.  If it was published by someone at 10:30  p.m. and it happened yesterday, I would take it with a grain of salt. The report is old news.  So I disagree with the  great fishing in June theory  and Im advising anglers to basically ignore fishing reports--ouch. about not using GPS coordinates on maps to find good fishing spots?  I'm not even sure I know how to enter a map marked coordinate to "go to" a "spot".  Of the hundreds of coordinates I have, I found them all myself.  By the way,  my GPS is for sale for $50,000--just kidding, its worth more than that.  It's funny to sit on a lake for a day and watch the boats funnel through the map marked GPS spots and community holes.  Little does anyone know that before they arrived at their chosen fishing spot, 6 boats have already pounded it to death --kinda like Muskie fishing?--sorry guys.  Something to think about.  Personally, I like the marked spots because it keeps anglers busy and away from my "honey holes".  
Ok, heres the abrupt ending --like in a cheap movie, I've gotta go prep for another 7 days, 14 trips, 3 shore lunches, 8 lakes, and about 60 anglers, --Good luck, Capt. Josh

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