“To my gold jacket brothers, I vow I will wear it proudly.”

— Randy Moss on relationships made during Hall of Fame weekend

“I knew God put me here to teach and to lead others down the right path. But first I had to learn from my own mistakes. I had to mature, and with all that, I had to stay right with God.”

— Moss on issues he endured on the way to maturity and NFL success

“When I came into the NFL I had no sense of direction. All I wanted to do was play football. Not for one day did I not think God was with me.”

— Moss on appreciating his opportunity

“I’m bringing this gold jacket back! Tomorrow! At the town center, 4:30! All y’all West Virginians want to see this gold jacket? Meet me at the town center tomorrow at 4:30! … This is ours!”

— Moss to the folks of Rand, W. Va., his hometown

“Where would we be without Dennis Green? Where would the true Randy Moss fans be if Dennis Green would have never pulled that trigger at the 21st pick?”

— Moss on the coach who drafted him for the Vikings