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Continued: C.J.: Pam Borton saw circle of friends shrink after her firing

  • Article by: C.J. , Star Tribune
  • Last update: May 4, 2014 - 2:15 PM

Q: I could have seen former Tennessee coach Pat Summitt coaching men, but is coaching men something you would like to do?

A: I really enjoy coaching women. Women need a role model, a mentor.


Q: I thought those Minnesota State footballers looked like chuckleheads for saying they wouldn’t practice with their reinstated coach, Todd Hoffner. What did you think?

A: This makes you shake your heard. I think they’re kids, they are really immature. This day and age, kids feel like they deserve to have their voices heard. Accountability and respect for your elders and respecting authority, those have gone by the wayside. That’s how we grew up. You would never think about doing that to your coach and your parents. The times have really changed.


Q: Now some college kids think they’re in charge in a way other generations didn’t?

A: That starts at home with the support system at home. Kids are sometimes telling their parents what to do and really running the household and the parents’ lives.


Q: What’s going on in the minds of students when U officials tell kids not to go rioting after the next hockey game and a bunch of them decide to do it anyway?

A: We all should take a lesson in reverse psychology. Maybe we should have invited everybody out to riot to see what [would happen]. Kids are kids. It’s a college environment. It was something that was built up and talked about a lot. The students did not want to disappoint all the big talk, so they showed up ready to go.


Q: Do you think college athletes should be paid beyond their scholarships?

A: College athletes should be paid based on what they’re worth. If you ask the college athlete, ‘Should you get paid?’ they would say yes. Then I would say, ‘I will pay you on how much you are producing. Are you playing, sitting on the bench, dropping 20 points a game? You’ll get paid on production.’ I think they would have different answers then.


Q: A guy on Twitter insisted to me that when college athletes unionize they will select their coaches. Really?

A: I think athletes feel they should be selecting coaches now. The 20-year-olds feel they should have a say in everything that happens, every decision that’s made. How dare you make that decision without asking me? That’s just the type of kids we are dealing with now.


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