9 p.m. • Myth • 18-plus • $30

A world that awards shallow mooks fame and fortune for being VD flytraps probably deserves a fiery fate. So, it's only fitting that this "Jersey Shore" cast member is playing an "End of the World Blowout" the night of the Mayan-predicted apocalypse. After captivating the nation with meatball catch phrases and one-night stands, the greasy-haired guido is searching for a post-"Shore" career in the DJ game. Signing with a G-Unit subsidiary last year was probably a wise move, as the all-star douche's spinoff reality show "The Pauly D Project" has been a ratings stinker. Jack Trash opens a night of fist-pumping into oblivion. MICHAEL RIETMULDER

The End of World Party

10 p.m. • First Avenue • 18-plus • $8-$10

The End of the World Party, timed to the Dec. 21 cutoff of the ancient Mayan calendar and maybe the apocalypse, actually marks something of a new beginning of Twin Cities hip-hop talent coming into the First Ave mainroom. It will be the first time on the big stage for all-female trio the Chalice, who will return for the Best New Bands showcase next month, as well as burgeoning dynamo MC Sean Anonymous. The show will also be hosted by Toki Wright and headlined by saucy favorites Tribe & the Big Cats! If we make it that long. Look for some extra apocalyptic do-dads such as a countdown clock and "last request wall." CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER


9:30 p.m. • Cabooze • 18-plus • $8

For the 10th year running the local roots-rockers are getting into the holiday spirit with their annual Dreaming of a White Iron Xmas show. But this year the barnstorming sextet comes bearing a new album titled "Damn the Nighttime" (CDs make great stocking stuffers!). Teaser track "Workin' Man" displays the band's Iron Range ethos over a countrified bop, fleet fiddling and a timeless lap steel solo. With Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses and Teague Alexy. M.R.


9 p.m. • Nomad World Pub • $5

If this doomsday thing is legit, a prom-themed rock show seems an appropriate end-of-world sendoff. Although, ironically, this show marks a new beginning for Are You Local? finalists the Japhies, who recently parted with lead singer Reed Wilkerson (who plays Cause tonight with his new band Black Church Service). The revivalist rockers are head-banging on as a trio, with bassist Matt Homan now handling vocals. The leaner Japhies are currently working on material for their debut album. With Turn Back Now!, Fuzzy Machete and Time Destroyer. M.R.


10 p.m. • 7th Street Entry • 18-plus • $10-$12

Brooklyn isn't the only American urban center cool enough to have its own Afrobeat scene. Case in point: The Chicago Afrobeat Project, an eight-member ensemble that has been channeling Fela Kuti and his psychedelic and funky old-continent sounds for a decade now. The group is making a rare trek outside the Chicago Loop to promote its fourth album, "Nyash Up!" To add to the world-party value, local Latino party band Malamanya opens.C.R.


8 p.m. Fri. (sold out); 2 p.m. Sat. • Landmark Center, 75 5th St., St. Paul • $15-$18

Ostroushko's latest album, a three-CD set called "The Mando Chronicles," is the most ambitious of his long career. The string wizard and "A Prairie Home Companion" favorite serves up a CD of "Americana," another of "Old World" music and a third titled "Classical/South Americana," split between longhair and Latin music. He's in great company throughout, both nationally (Norman Blake, Johnny Gimble) and locally (Dean Magraw, Daithí Sproule, plus members of the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra). TOM SUROWICZ