Gov. Mark Dayton has made clear he opposes both the marriage and photo ID amendments on the ballot this November.

He symbolically vetoed both, inveighed against them and raised money to oppose the marriage amendment, which would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage.

Gov. Mark Dayton/by Richard Sennott

Gov. Mark Dayton/by Richard Sennott


On Wednesday at the University of Minnesota, he was asked about his opinions about them.

Regarding photo ID for voters, he said: “The issue of people voting illegally it’s just – it’s a fiction.”

He suggested only half-seriously that if the amendment passes, once people have a taste of what it would really mean, they should have a constitutional recall election on the measure.

On the marriage amendment, the twice-divorced Dayton joked, those who are for it say they want to “save marriage. Well, who is not in favor of saving marriage? I failed at saving two of them but I still believe in it.” 

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