JANUARY: Complaining of shortness of breath, Daniel visits the family doctor in Sleepy Eye, who refers him to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. A cancer specialist diagnoses Hodgkin's lymphoma and recommends six rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

FEBRUARY: Daniel returns to Children's for the first chemo and radiation treatment. When he feels ill from the side effects, the family seeks second opinions at Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota. Experts at both recommend continued chemotherapy.

APRIL: Doctors alert Brown County authorities that Daniel has failed to return for treatment, and County Attorney James Olson files a court petition alleging child neglect.

MAY 8: At a court hearing in New Ulm, Colleen Hauser testifies that she and her son would defy any order to resume chemotherapy.

MAY 15: Judge John Rodenberg rules Daniel must resume treatment but leaves him in parents' custody and orders them to return to court May 19 with a new chest X-ray.

MAY 19: Colleen and Daniel Hauser fail to appear in court and judge issues arrest warrant. Daniel's father, Anthony, testifies that the pair left the family farm the previous evening and doesn't know where they are.

MAY 20: Brown County Sheriff Richard Hoffmann confirms that the pair have been sighted in Southern California, apparently en route to Mexico for treatment.

MAY 23: Authorities say the search continues in California and Mexico, but the pair remain at large.