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It's probably too early to link to the gory details that can be found in the Vikings' league-worst 91-27 scoring disadvantage in the third quarter, but, what the heck, have some of this with your morning Starbucks. 

One can argue all day about whether it's a lack of halftime coaching adjustments, a lack of execution or a lack of overall talent that can take the coaching and execute well.

Frankly, the numbers are so bad, it's really a combination of all three.

Opponents have scored on 17 of 24 third-quarter possessions (70.1 percent) while the Vikings have scored on just 5 of 21 possessions (23.8).

And, finally, here are the third-quarter drives in the four losses within the division this season:

Vikings: punt, punt, punt, TD, punt, punt, punt, interception, interception, punt, TD, downs. Summary: two scores in 12 drives.

Lions, Bears and Packers (oh my): TD, FG, fumble, TD, FG, TD, TD, FG, FG, TD, TD. Summary: 10 scores in 11 drives.

We'll let you judge what's the main reason behind these numbers.



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