Get to know the Reilly brothers

Connor Reilly redshirt freshman forward

Age: 22 (oldest brother by about five minutes)

Height, weight: 6-0, 180

Season stats: 26 games, five goals, five assists, -1 plus-minus

Ryan's scouting report: "He's got a great shot. He had a nice one-timer goal this year. He's a really smart player, really intelligent. … When you watch him play, you can tell he loves the game."

Mikey's scouting report: "Connor is really skilled. Growing up he's always had good hands and really worked on it. … Always has his head up and makes plays. Might be a little bit of a frustrating year for him, but I think next year he'll be one of the breakout players for us."

Mikey Reilly sophomore defenseman

Age: 20

Height, weight: 6-1, 182

Season stats: 30 games, eight goals, 14 assists, +19 plus-minus

Connor's scouting report: "Mike is highly offensive, a lot of talent, a lot of skill. Sometimes he'll make some risky plays, but with high-risk players, there's high reward. But I think if he puts it together, he can be one of the more dynamic players in college hockey."

Ryan's scouting report: "You can tell he's a really, really smart player. He's probably got the best hands out of us three. He's one of those high-talented players. He got a lot stronger this summer, put on 10-15 pounds. If he keeps doing that, I think he'll be on his way to the NHL."

Ryan Reilly sophomore forward

Age: 22 (younger of the fraternal twins)

Height, weight: 5-8, 169

Season stats: Five games, no goals, no assists, +1 plus-minus

Connor's scouting report: "He's tenacious, he's fast and he's got some good skill to go along with it. I think he brings it every night. … He's got a never-give-up attitude, so a lot of respect for him."

Mikey's scouting report: "First thing that comes to mind is work ethic. He's always hard to the puck. A little bit of a grinder, but he can make plays and shoot and pass. A mix between a little bit of skill-type and grinder, which don't come around often."