A Rosemount man upset by a child learning to ride her bike threatened the 7-year-old’s father with a shotgun, according to criminal charges in Dakota County.

Gary E. Drake, 61, has been charged with second-degree assault and terroristic threats, both felonies. According to the complaint, police were sent to the 14000 block of Daytona Way shortly after 8 p.m. on May 25. The victim said he and his daughter were in the street with her bike when Drake, who was on his porch, began yelling.

The man couldn’t hear what Drake was shouting at first, so told him, “I’ve got it.” Drake continued yelling at them, making comments about how the girl was riding her bike and told them, “If you don’t like my advice, get off the street.”

The victim said he told Drake that he didn’t own the street and he would continue to teach his daughter how to ride her bike. Drake then went inside and came out holding a shotgun.

The document said Drake pointed the gun at the man and his daughter before Drake’s wife came out and dragged him into the house.

Drake’s wife told police that her husband had pointed a gun at the victim and he was now inside watching TV. Drake then came out and told officers that he didn’t like how the man was treating his daughter.

Drake said he had been drinking but when asked “if his poor decisionmaking was the result of his drinking, … responded ‘Absolutely not.’ ”

As he was being arrested, Drake told the officers, “Maybe next time I should have shot him.”

Drake’s next court appearance is Aug. 11.