Once thought to be inferior to bottles; cans are now making a comeback around the country as the craft beer craze continues to grow. There are over 689 craft beers being canned by 223 breweries across the nation. Right here in Minnesota, two of the local favorites Surly Brewing and Indeed Brewing have chosen to package their beer in cans. Surly, who has been known for their quality beer since they began in 2005, still proudly cans almost all of their beers.
Canning has many advantages over the historically preferred bottling option. First and foremost, canned beer is 100% protected against light, which is beer’s mortal enemy. Second, cans tend to travel well since they are near unbreakable and most public places that allow alcohol will not allow bottles on their premises such as beaches and parks. 
Aluminum cans are also one of the most recyclable products because they are often melted down and made into more cans or sent to auto manufacturers to use in light-weight car parts. Other notable breweries across the nation such as 21st  Amendment, Tallgrass, and Oskar Blues are also packaged in cans and are available around the Twin Cities at your local liquor stores. 
Indeed cans, which hit store shelves on October 11th, feature the excellent artwork of Chuck U. They are available in both Midnight Ryder, which they call a Black American Ale, and Day Tripper, which is considered a Pale Ale. You can find Indeed in cans at Zipp’s, Central Avenue Liquors, France 44, Thomas Liquors, Four Firkins, and The Ale Jail.
*Two side notes: Remember that today is Surly Darkness Day. Get all the details here. Also, I have been nominated for Best Beer Writer in Growler Magazine and you can vote for me here if you agree. Voting ends on November 6th.


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