Bonnie Raitt was struck by a fragment of the fireworks shot off Thursday, the night of her performance at the State Fair.

My tipster (and thank you very much) described the fragment as low-flying. However, on Tuesday State Fair spokeswoman Renee Pearson told me: "I wouldn't call it low-flying. We shoot off fireworks every evening, and a piece of one of the shells hit her. I would say it was kind of a freak situation based on the way the wind was blowing. She was standing watching the fireworks backstage."

Raitt was "examined by our EMTs, and that was it," said Pearson.

The rocker has not responded to my question about the incident, asked via Twitter.

While making my appearance at the Star Tribune's State Fair booth on the first day of the fair, I spoke with a fairgoer who claimed to have seen Raitt walking among the masses.

Pearson could not confirm the sighting, although we agreed that Raitt is just regular people so it's possible. So Bonnie, shoot me a message via Twitter if that was you!

Perfumer to Prince: Pay

Prince owes Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics $4.4 million, according to a notice among the judgments in Tuesday's Finance & Commerce newspaper.

Something must have gone terribly awry in the development of Prince's 3121 perfume project from about five years ago.

Larry Couey, owner of the Huntingdon Valley, Pa., perfume company, told me Wednesday: "There was a judgment against him, and he has to pay. Period. We will get it [the money]. It's just a matter of time."

When told that $4,412,637 is a lot of money, Couey said, "It is, isn't it? For a small company like ours to absorb, it's been painful."

Couey told me he was not in a position to do a longer interview when I reached him.

Salon's hair-raising tale

Rosanna Arquette thought the way her hair was blown out at Jon Charles Salon was so nice she had it done twice.

That's twice as in on back-to-back days.

Jon Charles was working at his Wayzata location when "one of my stylists comes up to me and says, Rosanna Arquette just left. I said, 'Come on?' One of my newest stylist staff members blow-dried her hair. Apparently she's in town, she must be married to a guy named Morgan? She was having a party at the Park Tavern. [The Park Tavern manager to whom I spoke Tuesday could not confirm this.] So she comes in Friday, gets her hair blow-dried. Loved it. Came in Saturday got her hair blow-dried. Isn't that cool?

"I guess she was super nice, just wanted to be real down low. One of my employees Brandon, [aka Brandonna] walked over, and he goes, I know who you are. She resisted him at first and then laughed and said, Yeah, I am. She was really nice and everything," said Jon Charles. "BEAUTIFUL woman."

Jon Charles later realized that he had seen Arquette for about a second as she was escorted to her stylist's station. The salon was so busy, however, Jon Charles wasn't able to do his normal schmoozing and scoping out the salon to see who was there.

Jon Charles told me that Arquette had married some guy from Minnesota, so off to the Internet I went for confirmation.

Radar online identified Arquette's fiancé as Todd Morgan, an investment banker. The most prominent investment banker by that name works at Bel Air Investment Advisors in Los Angeles. An insider at the investment firm confirmed to me that Arquette's fiancé is a Minnesota native.

Arquette on Marquette?

Rosanna Arquette is probably not taking many cues from her little brother, David Arquette, but if she's so inclined ...

In 2010 when David was in Minnesota for Lady Gaga's concert, he chatted up a friend of mine at W's bar about 11:15 p.m. one night. David posted several photos from here on his Twitter account. My favorite was one taken at 901 Marquette Av., where David playfully placed his hand over the M, which transformed "Marquette" into this acting family's surname.

Maybe Todd will take Rosanna to a place where she can reenact her brother's high jinks. Or not.

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