Chris Farrell: Does a new house at 56 make sense?

May 2, 2015

If 1 lens on a phone camera is good, are 2 better?

August 31
Apple isn't saying much about its next iPhones, but there's been plenty of speculation that the giant Plus model will have two camera lenses side by side on the back.
August 23
FILE - In this Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, file photo, a home under constr...

US new-home sales climb to best level since late 2007

Americans stepped up their purchases of new homes in July to the fastest pace in nearly nine years, the latest sign that low mortgage rates and a solid job market are helping support the residential real estate market.
August 4
ESPN's Monday Night Football crew prepared to broadcast a game between...

Breaking up the bundle? Dish relegates ESPN to an add-on

Dish Network is offering a new "skinny" bundle of about 50 cable channels that doesn't include ESPN and some other sports channels, giving people who don't care about sports a way to save money on TV without joining the ranks of "cord cutters."
August 3

Scammers, bug spray companies capitalizing on Zika fears

Worried you might catch the Zika virus? Scammers and bug spray companies are counting on it.
2016 Minnesota Top Workplaces
Special Project 2016 Minnesota Top Workplaces
updated 5 hours 57 mins. ago
Meet the companies that continue to be voted the best places to work in Minnesota.
July 21

Feds say health mergers would increase costs, threaten care

The U.S. government is suing to stop two major health insurance mergers, a move regulators say is needed to protect Americans from potential cost hikes and lower quality care.
June 13
FILE - In this file photo taken April 19, 2010, people walk to work ou...

Goldman Sachs dips toe into consumer banking

Goldman Sachs, known for financing mega-deals and servicing the ultra-wealthy, is now open to the general public. And its interest in the average American appears…
June 9

Investigator: FDA still taking months to recall tainted food

Federal health officials failed to force a recall of peanut butter and almond products for three months after advanced DNA testing confirmed salmonella contamination, government investigators reported Thursday.
June 7

How to do a background check on financial advisers

Shopping for a financial adviser? Make sure to do a background check first.
ST100: 2016 ranking of Minn. companies
Special feature ST100: 2016 ranking of Minn. companies
updated 14 hours 18 mins. ago
The Star Tribune 100 is a measure of the largest publicly held companies with headquarters in Minnesota ranked by revenue.
June 1

Poll: A third of people have done no long-term care planning

Demand for long-term care is expected to increase as the nation ages, but the majority of Americans 40 and older lack confidence in their ability to pay for it.
May 26
In this photo taken May 19, 2016, Kenneth P. Chrzastek poses for a pho...

Many opt to take Social Security before full retirement age

Taking Social Security benefits early comes with a price, yet more than 4 in 10 Americans who are 50 and over say they'll dip into the program before reaching full retirement age.
May 19
FILE - In this Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, file photo, Yining Hou uses th...

Oculus responds to Sen. Al Franken's VR privacy questions

The virtual reality company Oculus relies heavily on Facebook for security and shares information about its users with VR creators.
May 19

Why your phone may never get Android's latest features

Better graphics and the ability to run two apps side by side are coming to Google's latest version of Android, dubbed N.
May 10

Digital spring cleaning: 4 'cyber hygiene' tips to stay safe

Spring cleaning isn't just about tossing old furniture and torn clothing: It's a great time to clear out your digital clutter and make sure you're protected against hackers.
May 10

Treasury calls for new regulations for online lenders

The Treasury Department called for additional oversight and some increased regulations for the online lending industry on Tuesday, the first time a government agency has weighed in on this quickly growing, but largely unregulated, part of the financial world.
Outside Consultant
Weekly feature Outside Consultant
updated 3 hours 58 mins. ago
Answers to your questions about marketing and business in the Twin Cities.
April 14

Microsoft sues U.S. over secret demands for customer data

Microsoft is suing the government over a federal law that lets authorities examine its users' email or online files without their knowledge.
March 17

Keeping what's ours: Mutual-fund costs at lowest in decades

It hasn't been this cheap to invest in mutual funds for decades, possibly ever.
February 12

US stocks end a down week on an up note

After five days of losses, stock prices rose Friday, though they finished the week 1% lower than a week ago.
May 2, 2015

James Saft: Size is a factor for activist investors

Activist hedge funds, on the whole, do good work, but the best results come from those with the deepest pockets.A new study, looking at the…
May 2, 2015

Buying your first car? Make sure to do these 5 things

Knowing what to do, and what not to do, when buying a car can mean the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars over…
May 2, 2015

Tips on money planning for Gen Y

If you're a member of Gen Y (born between 1980 and 2000), you're probably driving just now to find the perfect job and establish your…
May 2, 2015

How to strike the right balance in microfinance lending

Lending to entrepreneurs and small businesses can combine investing with philanthropy, but it's important to keep some fundamental principles front and center.