Chris Farrell: Does a new house at 56 make sense?

May 2

Insurer merger mania paints muddied picture for consumers

July 3
June 4

Los Angeles moves closer to raising minimum wage to $15

Officials voted to make Los Angeles the biggest city in the nation to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but a second vote is required for final approval because the tally was not unanimous.
May 2

James Saft: Size is a factor for activist investors

Activist hedge funds, on the whole, do good work, but the best results come from those with the deepest pockets.A new study, looking at the…
May 2

Buying your first car? Make sure to do these 5 things

Knowing what to do, and what not to do, when buying a car can mean the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars over…
May 2

Tips on money planning for Gen Y

If you’re a member of Gen Y (born between 1980 and 2000), you’re probably driving just now to find the perfect job and establish your…
May 2

How to strike the right balance in microfinance lending

Lending to entrepreneurs and small businesses can combine investing with philanthropy, but it’s important to keep some fundamental principles front and center.
April 18

Investing: Why converting 401(k)s to annuities requires new mind-set

For many investors, converting 401(k)s to annuities requires a whole new mind-set
April 18

4 questions to ask before choosing a real estate agent

A good real estate agent can make or break a home search, especially if you’re a young buyer. According to a new report by the…
April 18

5 ways you're sabotaging your credit repair efforts

If your credit is severely damaged because you filed for bankruptcy or for any other reason, you can still take steps to repair it. In…
2015 Minnesota Top Workplaces
Special Project 2015 Minnesota Top Workplaces
updated 11 hours 47 mins. ago
Meet the companies that continue to be voted the best places to work in Minnesota.
April 18

Plans to cram more seats in airliners won't sit well with fliers

Airlines increasingly are missing scheduled takeoffs and landings, losing travelers’ bags and overbooking flights, according to a report released last week. The outlook for future travel all but guarantees even less-friendly skies.
April 18

Carl Richards: Why take random financial advice?

Imagine you’re walking down the street. A woman approaches and hands you a small piece of paper. You glance down and realize it’s a prescription.…
April 18

Farrell: Starting over all over again at 61

Q: I have made many poor financial decisions in my life — starting with choosing a new field to major in that didn’t pay diddly-squat…
April 11

Refinancing: The loan hunt is about more than interest rates

Interest rates on home loans are historically low. That means now is the time to dig out your mortgage loan paperwork and consider whether refinancing…
April 9

For income investors, it's all about risk

It’s definitely more complicated than it’s ever been,” said Tim Palmer, managing director at Minneapolis-based Nuveen Investments. Palmer was describing the quandary income-hungry investors face…
April 9

Farrell: Tax diversification pays for most of us

Q: Years ago, when our income was low, I bought into the idea of deferring as much ordinary income as I could. In hindsight that…
March 28

Ewoldt: Paying more doesn't guarantee good customer service

In January, I wrote that people can’t expect great customer service and low prices. American shoppers want low prices and that means lowering our customer…
March 28

Levin: Aligning your money with your purpose in life

May I have the courage today To live the life that I would love, To postpone my dream no longer But do at last what…
March 21

What's driving the surge in donor advised funds?

The recent Medtronic acquisition of Covidien not only lowered the company’s corporate tax rate, but also created a tax headache for longtime Medtronic shareholders —…
March 21

A primer on how, and when, to start drawing down your IRA

Last year I reached a milestone age: 59 ½, old enough to withdraw money from my individual retirement accounts with no penalty. While this felt bittersweet,…
March 21

Farrell: Getting started with 529 college-saving plans

Q: I am looking for a 529 plan for my grandson. Do you have an idea on some of the better plans that seem to…
March 14

Business credit cards have many advantages

Business owners’ needs are often distinctly different from consumers’ needs, which is why a business credit card can be beneficial. Instead of making all of…
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