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Nancy Rose is a horticulturist with the University of Minnesota Extension. To ask her a gardening question, call 612-673-9073 and leave a message. She will answer questions in this column only

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Plant profile

Petunias, popular since Victorian times, are still a best-selling annual. Because of their star status, commercial plant breeders have developed...

Updated: May 06, 2003, - 11:00 PM

To enjoy daffodils in spring, plant them in fall

QI never think to buy daffodils until I see them blooming in the spring, but then they are...

Updated: April 29, 2003, - 11:00 PM

HomeZone: Beloved hydrangeas' toughness makes them a northern favorite

Lovely. Lacy. Voluptuous.There's something about hydrangeas that inspires adjectives more often found in lingerie catalogs than in gardening books. These...

Updated: April 09, 2003, - 11:00 PM

Fall watering of shrubs necessary to get through winter

QI planted some evergreen shrubs late last September. It rained so much in October that I didn't have to...

Updated: February 26, 2003, - 10:00 PM

Gardening: The big rub in buying a small shrub

In spring, every garden center and parking lot pansy stand tempt winter-weary gardeners with irresistible blooming shrubs in...

Updated: February 05, 2003, - 10:00 PM

How to make an amaryllis rebloom

QHow do I get amaryllis bulbs to rebloom? I have an amaryllis that bloomed two winters ago. I put...

Updated: January 22, 2003, - 10:00 PM

Gardening: The ins and outs of garden pots in winter

QWhich pots can be left outdoors over winter? I have two large glazed pottery containers that are a real pain...

Updated: December 11, 2002, - 10:00 PM

Purple fountain grass can't survive winter outdoors

QI have several plants of the reddish-purple leafed grass with pinkish plumes. Is there any way to overwinter these...

Updated: October 30, 2002, - 10:00 PM

Ragweed pollen, not goldenrod, real culprit in hay fever

QIs goldenrod used in cut flower bouquets? I saw what looked like goldenrod in some mixed bouquets sold at...

Updated: October 09, 2002, - 11:00 PM

Some bulbs are fall bloomers

QAre there any flowering bulbs that bloom in the fall?AThe majority of winter-hardy flowering bulbs (narcissus, tulips, hyacinths,...

Updated: September 25, 2002, - 11:00 PM

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