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Randy Salas is the assistant features editor of the Star Tribune. When he's not watching DVDs, he's playing video games -- occasionally even both at the same time. (It can be done). In Randy's world, life is high-def.

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'Madden NFL' game tackles a new season

It might be hard to believe that a 71-year-old man is a video game icon. But that's exactly what has happened to NFL broadcaster and ex-coach John Madden thanks to EA Sports' wildly popular pro-football video games that bear his name. With today's release of "Madden NFL 08," which was hyped by midnight sales at some stores, fans can play as their favorite teams with the usual updated rosters, as well as try out new player moves and even manage an NFL front office. Let's hope this year's added features fare better than these other innovations in the series' 23-year history:

Updated: August 13, 2007, - 11:14 PM

Gaming: 360 degrees of 'Guitar Hero'

The Xbox version comes with new songs, a hotter ax and online access.

Updated: April 19, 2007, - 10:20 AM

Gaming: Game over

Think again before bringing back these vintage titles.

Updated: April 17, 2007, - 10:17 AM

Video games: Creature features

It's not easy being human -- especially when horrific sci-fi creatures are gunning for you or trying to rip off...

Updated: February 08, 2007, - 01:05 PM

Video games: Gifts for gamers

Lock and load your list with these sure-fire ideas.

Updated: January 08, 2007, - 01:29 PM

Video games: Just say whee!

We took Nintendo's new toy for a spin around the block.

Updated: January 08, 2007, - 01:16 PM

Video games: PS3 vs. Wii

The next generation of video gaming gains two more members this week, when the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo...

Updated: January 08, 2007, - 01:16 PM

Video games: 'Zelda' rules in wild '06

And the system of the year wasn't the PlayStation 3, Wii or even Xbox 360.

Updated: January 04, 2007, - 12:37 PM

Play Money

So you've splattered the bad-guy Locust Horde again in "Gears of War" or saved Zelda for the umpteenth time in...

Updated: December 07, 2006, - 12:10 PM

Two sets uncover film treasures

Sixty-five years' worth of cinematic treasures -- from the first surviving sound film of 1894 to a 1959 thriller from...

Updated: September 06, 2004, - 11:00 PM

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