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Kara McGuire writes a Sunday column on personal finance, investing and consumer issues.

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Kara McGuire: Saving for college on the six-year plan

We started to save for college after our first child was born. Between the births of No. 2 and No....

Updated: February 28, 2015, - 05:07 PM

McGuire: Reviewing a family's mixed financial record

Some of the 2014 financial goals were no sweat, but inertia wasn’t kind to aspirations to review our insurance portfolio...

Updated: January 24, 2015, - 05:21 PM

McGuire: Let the ghost of Christmas past guide your holiday budget

Budgeting for the holidays may bring out Scrooge-like tendencies, but be realistic by looking at past spending, and use rewards...

Updated: October 25, 2014, - 05:09 PM

McGuire: Sorting through the flood of credit card offers

Beware of the resurgence of credit card offers in the mail. Some may be good deals, but some can be...

Updated: September 20, 2014, - 04:53 PM

Kara McGuire: It's time to regain control

“Save first, spend later” plan has not been working so well. Money habits that have worked for years can lose...

Updated: August 15, 2014, - 11:52 PM

Birthday freebies aren't always free

Before accepting, weigh whether you really want the product and what’s motivating a company to offer it.

Updated: July 12, 2014, - 05:14 PM

Life insurance: An act of love?

Fewer households own individual life insurance policies these days. And there are plenty of reasons why.

Updated: June 07, 2014, - 07:02 PM

Culling your credit cards can be tricky

If you're paying off balances monthly, it may not matter how many you hold.

Updated: May 03, 2014, - 04:19 PM

The one thing trickier to manage than money: Time

I’m fine with the fact that there’s only so much money. That there’s only so much time? Well, that’s another...

Updated: March 29, 2014, - 05:23 PM

Kara McGuire: Best to get taxes done early

Tax time presents a telling picture of your money situation.

Updated: February 23, 2014, - 11:43 AM

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