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Kara McGuire writes a Sunday column on personal finance, investing and consumer issues.

Recent content from Kara McGuire

McGuire: Let the ghost of Christmas past guide your holiday budget

Budgeting for the holidays may bring out Scrooge-like tendencies, but be realistic by looking at past spending, and use rewards...

Updated: October 25, 2014, - 05:09 PM

McGuire: Sorting through the flood of credit card offers

Beware of the resurgence of credit card offers in the mail. Some may be good deals, but some can be...

Updated: September 20, 2014, - 04:53 PM

Kara McGuire: It's time to regain control

“Save first, spend later” plan has not been working so well. Money habits that have worked for years can lose...

Updated: August 15, 2014, - 11:52 PM

Birthday freebies aren't always free

Before accepting, weigh whether you really want the product and what’s motivating a company to offer it.

Updated: July 12, 2014, - 05:14 PM

Life insurance: An act of love?

Fewer households own individual life insurance policies these days. And there are plenty of reasons why.

Updated: June 07, 2014, - 07:02 PM

Culling your credit cards can be tricky

If you're paying off balances monthly, it may not matter how many you hold.

Updated: May 03, 2014, - 04:19 PM

The one thing trickier to manage than money: Time

I’m fine with the fact that there’s only so much money. That there’s only so much time? Well, that’s another...

Updated: March 29, 2014, - 05:23 PM

Kara McGuire: Best to get taxes done early

Tax time presents a telling picture of your money situation.

Updated: February 23, 2014, - 11:43 AM

A wealth of options for money advice

The financial planning model has been shifting in recent years as new entrants, new pricing structures and new technologies evolve to offer advice to the masses.

Updated: January 25, 2014, - 05:25 PM

Another day older, and seniors still at work

Retiring at age 65 is a fairy tale for millions of baby boomers who would love to relax but need the income.

Updated: January 08, 2012, - 11:01 AM

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