If they re-release “Bernie” on DVD, they’ll need to reshoot the ending. He’s out of jail now - and living in Richard Linklater’s garage.

Visiting Judge Diane DeVasto has just released the 55-year-old Bernie from prison on $10,000 personal recognizance bond. At a hearing Tuesday, she agreed with a motion filed by Bernie’s attorney Jodi Cole which claimed that if the jurors in the original trial had heard testimony about Bernie being sexually abused by a relative during his teenage years, they most likely would have given him a lesser sentence than life. What was perhaps most incredible was that Danny Buck, a long-time, hard-nosed prosecutor, told the judge that if he had known about the evidence of Bernie’s childhood abuse, he would only have prosecuted him for second degree murder, which has a maximum sentence of twenty years. Considering that Bernie has already served seventeen years, Danny Buck said he would be willing for Bernie to be released on time served. 

That’s from the Texas Monthly account of the story, written by the fellow who’s been following the story for years and co-wrote the screenplay.

APPS I used to use Move to track daily activity. No more. Facebook bought the app, and hello, look at these changes to the EULA, reported by TUAW:

Facebook can use your information for whatever purpose it likes; it could target ads to you based on businesses you pass on your run, or sell your information to developers wanting to know if an area is popular with fitness fans. They can also share your location information with the police if they want to, totally without your consent.

The privacy agreement is here. The rating on the App store is now at 1 and a half stars, with 70 reviews giving it one star. Brutal. Wonder if they’ll sue the bad reviewers?

Probably not, but one router company experienced the Streisand Effect when it went after a bad reviewer, and as Daily Dot notes, the device’s Amazon page is awash with over 2,000 . . .  salty evaluations.

WEB There’s no absolute Worst Website in the World. Some are bad because they’re pretentious; some are bad because they’re incomprehensible; some are bad in a charming, nostalgic way because they haven’t changed since the days of GeoCities. This BuzzFeed piece on “20 Hilariously Terrible Corporate Websites” introduced many to Superior Web Solutions (link at the BuzzFeed piece)  which you might enjoy exploring at your leisure. There’s the Nightclub ad for an imaginary energy drink:


The nonexistent also has its own page to highlight their ad skills:

But once you’ve finished that, compare to The Afterlife, which is an entirely different level of peculiar.

Now, the GIF of the nightclub scene, because it would have been cruel to put it in the middle of the piece.