Petters tries to hug Coleman

  • Audio by: U.S. DISTRICT COURT
  • Updated: December 8, 2009 - 1:03 PM

Excerpt of Tom Petters trying to hug Deanna Coleman:

Tom Petters: So, ya know, I'm sorry. Sorry you ever had to meet me.

Deanna Coleman: We'll get through it, Tom.

Petters: I can't handle it all.

Coleman: No, you're not gonna do that. Tom, absolutely. Don't Tom.

Petters: I won't.

Coleman: Don't.

Petters: No, I won't. I'm just gonna hug you.

Coleman: No.

Petters: But I won't tickle you.

Coleman: Tom, no don't.

Petters: Let's dance.

Coleman: I don't. My back is really sore.

Petters: It is (UI)?

Coleman: Yes, I did. My back is killing me.

Petters: It is?

Coleman: It's been sore for quite a few days. So yeah.

Petters: No hugs.

Coleman:No hugs. No hugs. Not even from Scott.

Petters: What?

Coleman:I said not even from Scott lately.

Petters: Really?

Coleman:No. It just is really sore. I....

Petters: What, your lower back?

Coleman:It's, it's just my whole back. I think it's just, like everyone else, it's stress.

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