Word has it that WCCO-TV weekend anchor Dennis Douda was seen Friday at Edina's Interlachen CC in the company of KARE 11 GM John Remes.

"No comment," said Douda when reached Monday.

I'll take that as a yes.

"Douda parting ways with WCCO?" asked my tipster Sara. "What's going on at WCCO?"

Just another newcomer, GM Brien Kennedy, who doesn't get it.

Kennedy came from West Palm Beach, Fla., which is a cornier part of the country than I realized if he's used one of the motivational tactics I've heard he's deployed at WCCO: Reportedly he takes off running through the newsroom clapping his hands like he's motivating car sales staffers. Sales is his background, and apparently not journalism or community relations.

Kennedy's been here a year, which may not be long enough to demonstrate whether he can sell snow to Minnesotans or appreciate the unique character and personality of Minnesota -- and the unusual attachment viewers have with anchors who have been here a while.

Mr. Rah-Rah did not return my call Monday, so I was not able to ask Kennedy about rumblings I've heard that Douda's not being offered another contract.

"I'm not allowed to comment," said Douda, who has been at the station since 1998, according to his bio.

I guess WCCO viewers should let management know now, rather than whining to me later, about what's looking like Douda's pending departure. Other unsettling changes are in the air over there.

XXX & OOO to Sara (the last line of your e-mail was dead on), and keep hitting them straight.

Feeling his oats

Kim Kardashian is looking sexy and her fiancé, Kris Humphries, is looking like his dad in a TMZ photo taken in Las Vegas.

The couple went to Vegas with Kim's brother-in-law, Lamar Odom, to celebrate the birthday of his wife, Khloe Kardashian, at Chateau Nightclub. Here's the photo: www.startribune.com/a502. When I see Humphries on TV, it's as though his dad and business partner, Will Humphries, is looking back at me.

Kris' big moment of absurd arrogance is now in heavy rotation in promos for Season 6 of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

Young babyfaced Kris, born in 1985, according to Wiki, spoketh these words to Kim's brother Rob, born in 1987: "Look at me, [dramatic pause] son. Give me an apology," after Rob had called Kim, his sister, a "whore."

Now who's already told you Kris is an enormously hubristic fellow?

Comic jabs at Pawlenty

"Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour" might have gone softer on former Gov. Tim Pawlenty than the Obama impersonator whose jokes got him the hook at the Republican Leadership Conference.

Reggie Brown, the comedian and impersonator, told the conference meeting in New Orleans, "It's unfortunate that Tim Pawlenty couldn't make it here. Cut him some slack: He's having his foot surgically removed from his mouth. Luckily for him it's covered under ObamneyCare, that along with spinal transplants."

Ouch. That's sure to bring out the meaner, nastier GOP presidential nominee in Pawlenty and a return of the ersatz Southern drawl he debuted in Iowa.

Here's a sample of one of Miller's tamer jokes Saturday when she, Hal Sparks and John Fugelsang played the State Theater:

"How is Pawlenty going to stand up to terrorists when he can't even stand up to a man named Mitt?"

After the show, Sparks -- who like Fugelsang is a comedian, actor and co-host of Miller's radio show, which airs here on AM950 -- took another gentle jab at Pawlenty.

Sparks blamed T-Paw for the condition of the State Theater when an armrest fell off during the meet-and-greet for VIP fans that followed the show. My startribune.com/video captures Sparks attempting a repair.

Sparks also responded to my query about his tight jeans, which caught my eye even before Miller joked that Hal was pumping money into the economy by hiring multiple women to paint on those pants.

"We're in Minnesota so you guys find it all shocking," said Sparks.

I don't think somebody from Kentucky, a state that's still comfortable with the leadership of Sen. Mitch McConnell, should suggest that Minnesotans are not sophisticated. Besides, Miller started it (although I could not have been the only person distracted by those pants). In the interest of fairness, there's video of Miller's tight jeans as well.

On a serious note, after the show, Fugelsang told me about his moving visit to Haiti. "Our troops are no longer in Haiti, but I did play for their humanitarian mission, and it was one of the most patriotically and spiritually astonishing experiences of my life. To see our military used on a purely humanitarian mission and to realize it's not just about destroying things."

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