Dear Homophobes:
Your heads must be spinning.
In just the past year, Vice-President Biden came out in favor of same-sex marriage followed by President Obama shortly thereafter.
In the November election, every same sex marriage ballet initiative in the U.S. resulted in victory for gay rights.
Suddenly, Republicans are tripping over themselves to get on the LGBT bandwagon – and not just those Republicans whose children are gay. (By the way, LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, in case you aren’t familiar with the term.)
The Supreme Court is now mulling over two cases; same sex marriage in California and the Defense of Marriage Act.
Uruguay – Uruguay for goodness sakes – legalized gay marriage, and France is poised to do the same thing.
The Minnesota legislature could become the second Midwestern state, after Iowa, to legalize gay marriage and Governor Dayton stands ready to sign such legislation.
And now we learn that at least one member of the four professional sports leagues – a gay, male basketball, football, baseball or hockey player is contemplating coming out, and the National Hockey League and the National Football League are determining how to support gay players.
It all must make you long for the days of calling for a boycott of anything that Ellen DeGeneres endorsed. Of course, those boycotts weren’t very effective now, were they?
It’s time, dear homophobes, to move on. I’m sure there is yet another group of people that you could put your energies towards discriminating against. Or perhaps you could try something new.
Perhaps you could try tolerance, acceptance and love. 

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