The final month’s run-up to a new school year will include a race of sorts between the St. Paul and Minneapolis schools superintendents.

Valeria Silva and Bernadeia Johnson are vying to see who can gain the most Twitter followers between Aug. 1 and Labor Day.

On Thursday, Silva, of St. Paul, was first out of the gate — at least in terms of posting news of the challenge on a district website. She noted that Johnson, of Minneapolis, entered the matchup with more followers, but emphasized that the contest was over a single month and hinted that the prize — dinner in the winner’s city — would be hers.

“There are a couple of St. Paul restaurants I’ve been eyeing for some time, and I think it’s about time I visit them — on Superintendent Johnson’s tab,” said Silva, whose Twitter handle is: @SPPS_SuptSilva. Johnson’s is: @MPS_SuptJohnson.

Silva suffered a slight setback Thursday when a reporter who already followed her added Johnson to keep track of the proceedings.

Anthony Lonetree