I am writing this letter at the request of my dog, as my typing skills are a bit better than his. Each morning he takes me on a walk along a trail that winds through a park with softball fields, into the woods and back again.

Being an inquisitive sort, he investigates and sometimes tastes things he encounters on the trail. He has me bring along a plastic bag so I can gather and dispose of these items so he doesn’t have to investigate them again on the return trip.

On a regular basis, we find beer cans left behind on the softball fields. The vast majority of these are Coors Light cans, which might lead one to believe that this is a relatively inexpensive brand. The majority of these Coors Light cans are still half full, which might lead one to believe that this is a relatively poor-tasting brand.

Being an inquisitive sort, my dog will, on occasion, tip them over and sample what flows out. Of all the brews he has sampled, Coors Light is his least favorite.

He would therefore ask that the softball players please finish their beers and put the empty cans in the recycling barrels — or switch to a better tasting brand.

A side note to the Coors Brewing Company legal department: Please keep in mind that these are not my views and opinions, but those of my dog. Granted, a dog who prefers fenceposts and fire hydrants over Facebook, but a dog nonetheless.


Tom Mobeck is from Chaska