In addition to messing with the sweet Boston Strong ceremony the NFL had planned for the first-round pick of the New England Patriots on Thursday night, the Patriots' deal with the Vikings didn't sit well with football fans who waited more than three hours for their team to make its move.

So there was some explaining to do when New England took four draft choices from the Vikings, who then went on to take the finely named (and well-dressed) wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson with the 29th pick.



(h/t @PJDiaries)

At the Boston Globe, football writer Greg A. Bedard did some explaining to Patriots fans: "Yeah, you wanted action in the first round. But the truth is, most drafts don’t have 32 players with first-round grades. And this one was worse than most. I mean, six offensive linemen in the first 11 selections? And Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, who is a bit of a project, the only quarterback taken, with the 16th pick by the Bills? That just tells you what kind of stinker the first round was."

Like the Vikings, New England needs help at wide receiver. Bedard writes: "If the Patriots take two receivers that work out like tight ends Rob Gronkowski (42d overall pick) and Aaron Hernandez (113d) did in 2010, would anybody complain?"

Here's the rest of his piece, which also includes video of Nick Caserio, New England's director of player personnel, talking about the deal.


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