Son charged in Long Prairie parents' killings nabbed after Mexico manhunt

8 minutes ago
Dylan Bennett, 22, is charged in the deaths of his parents in Long Prairie.

Trump says a 1977 law lets him dictate to businesses on trade


As monarch butterflies vanish, University of Minnesota investigates road salt as culprit — and cure

12 minutes ago
Christopher Anderson -- aka TurnUpDefense -- ponders his next play during a momentary break in T-Wolves Gaming action. The T-Wolves eSports NBA 2K tea
Alex Kormann, Star Tribune
Christopher Anderson a k a TurnUpDefense ponders his next play during a momentary break in the action.

Minnesota's pro teams dive into video games, aiming for new fans and sponsors

5 minutes ago
The Timberwolves, Minnesota United and the Vikings owners have plunged into professional video games.
Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is taken down in the second quarter

Zimmer laments 'poor performance' by starters in Vikings' preseason victory

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Brad and Heather Fox, owners of Fox Homes and residents of Edina, star in the new HGTV series “Stay or Sell,” which premieres Aug. 27.

Edina couple's new HGTV series will show off Minnesota Nice all season long

The network debuts new Twin Cities-based series "Stay or Sell," starring Edina husband-wife duo Brad and Heather Fox.
Gene Gruber practiced his plowing skills at home in Richmond, Minn. The only American to win the World Ploughing Championship, he’ll compete again t

A Minnesota man is the world's best plower. His daughter hopes to take the title.

As rural ER patients increasingly default on their bills, hospitals are being pushed to close or to the brink. That tension has bled into small town c

Struggling rural hospitals fight patients who can't afford care

Halo Cone, Halo Cone and CloudRoll.] ALEX KORMANN •

53 new foods at the Minnesota State Fair, ranked from best to worst

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