A 17-year-old boy died Saturday at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale after a car crash two days earlier in central Minnesota.

Charles Mellema, 17, of Randall, Minn., was less than a half-mile away from his house when police say his car collided with another just before 11 p.m. Thursday, sending his car into a ditch and toppling a power-line pole.

According to Randall police, Mellema had been driving north on Superior Avenue and didn’t stop at a stop sign, entering the intersection at the same time as a car driving west on W. 6th Street. The two cars collided and both went into the ditch. The driver of the other car, Helen Pfeffer, 54, was hospitalized with injuries. Police said Mellema was pinned down in his car by the downed pole and was taken to St. Gabriel’s Hospital before being airlifted to St. Cloud Hospital.

On Saturday, the Hennepin County medical examiner reported that Mellema had been taken to North Memorial Medical Center, where he died early Saturday of accident injuries.