The race for most wins this season between the Wild and Wolves, which started as a blowout in favor of the Wolves, is getting far more competitive. The Wild entered Monday with 35 wins in 62 games, while the Wolves — suddenly without Jimmy Butler, at least for a while — had 37 through 63 games.


There is baseball on your television in February. Don't quibble that it's just spring training. Enjoy it! Twins vs. Red Sox, 5 p.m., FSN.


"The Vikings and everyone else do not believe Keenum is a $20M+ quarterback. My guess is that if they are going to have to pay that much to franchise him, they might as well go after Cousins if they believe him to be the better of the two."

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"Today in 1980, 2 days after @1980MiracleTeam captured the Gold Medal in Lake Placid, the 12 hometown MN players & Coaching staff rode in a motorcade from downtown Minneapolis through UofM campus, to the State Capitol in convertibles in subzero temps in a heroes welcome home."