Scott M. Turner, who was convicted last month of hurling a neighbor's kitten against a wall and killing it, entered an Alford plea Thursday in Ramsey County District Court after he was accused of threatening that neighbor.

The plea means the defendant maintains his innocence but concedes there is enough evidence to convict him.

According to the charges, Turner allegedly threatened the kitten's owner before he went on trial for felony animal cruelty, telling her, "You better not show up for court ... if you know what's good for you."

The 29-year-old St. Paul man threw the kitten during an argument with his girlfriend, who apparently borrowed the kitten and didn't want to return it.

Turner will be sentenced on the animal cruelty conviction by District Judge Margaret (Peg) Marrinan on Sept. 24.

He will be sentenced on the terroristic threats charge by District Judge Rosanne Nathanson on Oct. 30. He is expected to get a stayed sentence and five years' probation.