The St. Paul man caught on camera for lewd behavior next to a child in a city library has been charged in a second, similar case.

Nicholas C. Barghini, 31, was charged Tuesday in Ramsey County with one count of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct for masturbating next to a girl, then 8, on June 17 at the Riverview Library.

He was charged Monday with the same offense for a Saturday incident at the same library involving a 10-year-old girl. In both incidents, the girls were attending a class about “developing confidence, overall performance technique, and acting technique” held by Barghini.

Police investigating the Saturday case reviewed surveillance video at the library, which revealed the June incident. News of the July incident caused the 8-year-old to come forward, court documents said.


Police arrested Barghini after the girl in the Saturday incident informed her mother of Barghini’s alleged behavior, and the mother pushed for answers from him and the library.

Barghini’s LinkedIn profile said he is the owner of Headcase Films & Fashion. His online resume said he has volunteered as a youth camp counselor and sports coach.

Library records show that he has held at least five similar classes this year at two other St. Paul libraries.