AUKEY KM-G6 keyboard $49.99
Product for those missing old keyboards

Some people like typing on a good old clickity-clack keyboard. Most keyboards today — either built into laptops or sold with desktops — are thinner and quieter, with not much travel when you press the buttons.

There is now a resurgence of sorts for old-school mechanical keyboards — most of them fairly expensive ($100 or more). The Aukey LED-Backlit Mechanical Keyboard KM-G6 is the economy version, with the clicky goodness and some semi-obnoxious disco lighting.

The KM-G6 is a good-looking keyboard. It has the full complement of 104 keys, including arrow keys and a full numeric keypad. Each key has its own LED light, and each row has a different color. The keyboard uses Outemu blue switches. There is no option for white or neutral lights.

Where you can get creative is with different light modes. It's like a little disco light show built right into your keyboard.

Want the lights to flash row by row? Or from the edges toward the middle? No problem. You can even create a wave of light that spreads outward from every single key you strike. Perhaps that feature is better suited for gaming.

The KM-G6 connects via USB cable, and there are no additional USB ports on the keyboard. The KM-G6 is just the kind of keyboard you would want if you love to press buttons. Typing on it is satisfying in a very nerdy way.

On the pro side, it's easy to type on, with very satisfying clicky feedback, all at a good price. So despite the LED lighting being more gimmicky than functional, this is a good option.


Next generation of product now available

Home security products maker Ring has launched the second version of its flagship video-camera-enabled doorbell system. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 deviates from its predecessor by including a rechargeable battery pack, 1080p HD video and what the Santa Monica, Calif., company says is improved night vision capability. As with the original, users can access the doorbell video feed from a smartphone app no matter where they are.

Ring, which generated an estimated $160 million sales last year, said it has sold more than 1 million doorbells over the last four years.