Blizzards are rare; hail is inconvenient and potentially costly. Odds are you'll never see a tornado up close, but flooding? According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 90% of natural disasters within the U.S. involve flooding. Floods inflict more economic damage and loss of life and property than any other natural hazard. This week has been a reminder of that — and of how quickly weather patterns can turn.

Some communities in southern Minnesota picked up one to two months' worth of rain Friday, more than 8 inches in a few spots. Soils are saturated and unable to hold additional rainwater, resulting in rapid flooding. Thunderstorms finally taper Saturday morning and skies brighten in the afternoon. Saturday's weather looks a little nicer/sunnier than it did a few days ago.

Sunday will be lakeworthy with low 80s and winds gusting to 25 mph. We may come close to 90F Monday and Tuesday before cooling back down the latter half of the week.

I'm afraid to look, but Friday looks stormy, followed by drier weather next weekend. When will monsoon season end?