Three times in the past week, dogs have fallen through thin ice on metro area lakes. While all have survived, the incidents have authorities warning people to stay off the ice, even if it's the family pet in danger.

Firefighters and law enforcement have saved the pets in all three instances. In one case, a man trying to save his dog went through the ice and had to be rescued, too.

"Be very careful around the ice on our lakes and ponds," the Bloomington Fire Department said after it plucked out a pooch that had gone through the ice on a pond last week in the 8200 block of Penn Avenue S. "It is very thin and dangerous."

Also last week, firefighters and police in Eden Prairie saved a dog that broke through the ice on Staring Lake.

On Sunday, Lino Lakes police put out a warning after officers saved a dog that fell into chilly water on the east side of Otter Lake. The dog's owner also broke through trying to make the save. Both were rescued and were doing OK, police said.

"Please remember: No ice is safe ice and with warmer temps ahead, the lakes will start opening up," the department said in a Facebook post.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources warns that ice is never 100 percent safe, and nobody should venture onto the ice if it is less than 4 inches thick. It takes at least 5 to 7 inches of ice to support an ATV and 8 to 12 inches for small pickup trucks or cars.

Temperatures will get warm enough this week to melt much of the remaining snow and ice. After a snowy and rainy Monday, with a high of 41 degrees, Tuesday will bring partly sunny conditions and a high of 45 degrees, followed by a sunny Wednesday with a high of 50, the National Weather Service said.